About Shivtensity™

Shivtensity™ is a service based platform that promotes safe – inclusive spaces for dialogues on sexuality, disability and mental health. We work towards reducing the taboo with relevant information in regional languages. We believe in using “technology for good” and being accessible and inclusive for people with all needs. Our four wings that work simultaneously are –

Founders of Shivtensity™

The Family at work


Shivli Shrivastava

Co Founder

Shivli Shrivastava is the brain behind the idea of Shivtensity. She is a Counselling Psychologist, Sexuality Educator and PhD Scholar. She is the CEO of Shivtensity

Abhilash Shrivastava

Co Founder

Abilash Shrivastava is an artist, designer & a web developer. He is the technology genius behind the functioning of the organization. He contributes as CTO of Shivtensity.

Backbone of Shivtensity

Sourav Kumar

Lead Designer

Sourav is our in-house designer. He is also an engineer who fuels his thoughts towards creating art that are relatable by many. 

He drives his vision of creation every day & believes in ‘one art at a time’.

His heart desires adventure and motorcycling has led him to discover what it means to be free.

Sanjushree VH

Lead Psychologist & Researcher

Sanjushree has travelled across different states in India & embraces the sensitivity mixed in our cultural diversity. She enjoys the varieties in music, art, theatre, movies, tv-series, books, & documentaries. Filter coffee, bike rides, ARR, Harry Potter, This is Us, GOT & Sense 8 are her go to.

Bhargavi Nallakatla

Social Media Marketing Manager

Bhargavi is a marketing enthusiast having an unwavering will to explore possibilities to penetrate into the market with experiments. She manages her time for her son & herself despite all the challenges which she faces.

Naveen Kumar

SEO Specialist | Digital Marketer

Naveen is our digital marketer who is on a mission to fill the google search page with content that actually matters. He enjoys learning and sharing stuff on digital marketing. Maggi is his only constant. And is a Huge fan of the Queens. RCBian!

Akshatha Jane Jesudasan

Intern | Content Writing & Research

Akshatha is a trainee psychologist, very keen on learning & growing in terms of the roles she takes. She is interested in psychopathology, therapies & the field of psycholinguistics as well. She’s also always open to conversations about food, animals and Harry Potter!

Rishitha Joshi

Intern | Content Writing & Social media

Rishita wishes to write her own web-series some day. For now, she writes a quote everyday on the notice board and makes everyone read it forcefully. 

She has a music playlist for every mood and also talks to plants.

Yogesh Gurele

Graphic Designer

Love Cats, ice-cream and star wars. #EnoughSaid

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